Human Resource

Human Resource  :  

Strategic objectives of Human Resource  : 

· Establish a first-rate staff team that is capable, efficient and highly united in line with the company's strategic objectives. 

· Build a set of modern HR management and development mechanism that supports the rapid development of the company, operates efficiently and improves itself. 

HR management philosophy:

· ability determines the position.To keep the wise and the mighty in the position .The introduction of market mechanism in the attraction, selection, use and training of human resource management, through open competition and recruitment of the best, enables the competent to be superior, the equal to be subordinate, and the mediocre to be inferior.

· contribution determines value.It is to adhere to the importance of responsibility, efficiency, contribution as the basis for the assessment, actively explore the market-oriented form of wage distribution, to achieve the maximum of the enterprise's intellectual resources, human resources and enterprise benefits, the income of employees and enterprise benefits and personal contributions.



 Corporation talent management philosophy:

· competence -- talent selection.Adhere to the people-oriented, set up the "everyone is a talent" concept.As long as they can be competent for the position of all the people can be used for me, for the required talent.

· Be good at the employing -- knowledge and ability view.Respect the long, know the short, know the good, so that everyone can have the space and stage to display their talents.

· trust -- person-employing view. We should fully trust talents, take advantage of their strengths and avoid their weaknesses, and boldly give young people responsibilities and positions to take risks and enhance their abilities.

· responsibility -- talent cultivation.Responsibility is heavy, education is the first, the adult's long, go to the short, do business, feelings, treatment.



Talent introduction and reserve management

· According to the strategic development plan, the company has established the corresponding HR planning, introduced and reserved high-quality human resources matching the new industry in a planned way, introduced professional technical management personnel with international vision, rich management experience and profound professional background in a timely manner, and gradually cultivated and combined storage and utilization.

Company continuously widen the channel of the introduction of human resources, to continue with the good relations of cooperation between colleges and universities, perfecting "Employment Internship Base" and the establishment of "practice bases" , Excellent Human Resource Introduction Model of "Practice + Employment" , explore the combing "benign interaction of university-enterprise cooperation, the company management backbone talents, technology and skills to university education, training and learning.We should introduce flexible talents and establish a "green channel" for special talents to attract talents from all over the world.

Company improve the career development and promotion mechanism, dredge management, technology, skills, three career development channel, through the "adviser to head person", continuing education, training, learning and other ways to improve the staff's management and business skills, let every employee to find their own direction and goals and to provide employees with promotion opportunities.

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