Operation and management

Operation and management

Enterprise philosophy: in times of peace, think of danger, innovation and development

Enterprise spirit: unity and hard work, self-improvement, struggle

Work style: quick response, immediate action, so far as I’m 

Management mode:Never put off what you can do till tomorrow

Employment system: the competent to be superior, the equal to be subordinate, and the mediocre to be inferior

Safety awareness: safety production is the lifeline of enterprises

Product concept: to the quality of survival, the pursuit of perfect quality

Service concept: the production serves for the sale, the whole company serves for the user, lets the user percentile satisfaction

Talent concept: know and use talents,people do their best; People-oriented, respect people

Development direction: create core competitiveness, high-tech expansion, diversified expansion

Business philosophy: people-oriented, integration of advantages, market creation, integrity and win-win, the best products, the best service to customers.

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